Connecticut Crime Lower than Ever – Why?

September 21, 2017

Connecticut Crime Lower than Ever – Why?

Connecticut. Many of us think of this state as a quiet little area that doesn’t usually have a lot going on. That being said, there have been a number of different issues that have come up over the years, and crime used to be a big issue, especially in the more urban areas of the state. Of course, there was good news this week – all crimes of all sorts, even the most major ones, seem to be at the lowest rates that they have ever been before. But why is this the case? What has Connecticut done that makes it so different than all of the other states?

First off, advances in technology have lead the way, as you may expect. DNA testing is more accurate than it has ever been before, which makes it easier for law enforcement officials to do what they need to do in order to catch people that may end up being repeat offenders. Surveillance cameras and other forms of anti-crime devices have also gotten easier to use, less expensive to install, and more convenient to hide and such.  That being said, technology is probably in the forefront of helping to prevent crimes from occurring.

There are other things as well. More people are becoming aware of their communities and the people who are and aren’t supposed to be there. It’s easier to access help if things are going on that may result in violence. People are easier to catch and communication between law enforcement and the public has gotten a lot better as well. The great thing is that it’s not just one type of crime that has been affected, either. The 8 major crimes that are sent to the FBI for reporting are all down. These include:

For example, there were only 86 murders throughout the state of Connecticut in 2013 – that was the lowest number ever in the past 4 decades. Violent crime dropped almost 11 percent. Connecticut, in short, is a lot safer than it has ever been.

What can be done to make it better? Technology advances will probably continue to make it easier, and honestly, people working together will help put a halt to these violent crimes. They may always be there, but it’s always good to know that positive change is happening.

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