Will Body Cameras Help Stop Racial Profiling?

September 21, 2017

Will Body Cameras Help Stop Racial Profiling?

As we all know at this point, there are a lot of things going on in the world of the police force, especially since the events in Ferguson, Missouri occurred a couple of months ago. But what can we do about all of the problems related to racial profiling? Are there ways that we can try and reduce this problem in a way that is both safe and effective? The answer is a resounding yes – and some people think that body camera will play a role in helping to eliminate these problems. 

Personal injury lawyers Boston stated that the New York Police Department and  will start preparing a small number of its officers with wearable camcorders, an experimental run system intended for equipping the country’s biggest police force with innovation that guarantees more noteworthy responsibility. A sum of 60 cams will be sent in the advancing months in five high-wrongdoing police regions, one in each of the city’s five precincts, Commissioner William J. Bratton said last week.  

It’s the newest technology, according to the commissioner, and he has shown a number of people how the devices fit on policemen’s outfits. Because of the advances in technology, this is really no different than when police officers started to use hand held radios. It’s just a technology that can add to the efficiency and safety that policemen and policewomen should have when they are out on the streets and keeping people safe. Soon enough, many people believe that these body cams will become as common as the radios are.  

A federal judge a year ago requested the division to test the cams for one year in five areas as a method for assessing their adequacy in controlling illegal stop and search procedures by officers. The court requested an autonomous screen to help set the approach for the cams, however that request has been deferred pending a claim that still has to go through the court system.

Will this actually help reduce racial profiling and other issues that police all over the country have been dealing with? Or will it just be another piece of equipment that will get ignored unless it absolutely had to be used? This trial will hopefully help us gain more of an understanding of what is going on and how it may be able to help police forces all over the country with the current issues that they are facing.

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